Brian Blanchflower
Paintings 1974 – 2015
PREVIEW from March 31
Brian Blanchflower (lives and works in Perth) is considered by many to be the foremost abstract painter in Australia. There has not been an exhibition in a commercial gallery for over 15 years in Sydney. This will be an opportunity for both aficionados and a new generation to view a magnificent selection of works across both rooms at Annandale. Blanchflower is represented in most State Galleries and the National Gallery of Australia and numerous collections overseas.

(above and left, detail)
Ensemble (The Life & Death of Anton Webern), 4-6/1994
acrylic with powdered pumice on flax, 6 sections on stretchers
overall size 91 x 457.5 cm with 9 cm space between each
BB AG 66

Exhibition dates: From 2 April

megan evans

megan evans’ debut with Annandale Galleries features a spectacular array of delicate yet powerful multidisciplinary works from her ongoing KELOID series. Examining the impact of colonization, evans’ diverse practice is both alluring and confronting. Traces of violence and oppression emanate from her work in an attempt to renegotiate typical colonial narratives in search of alternative modes of discussion and progress.
Exhibition dates: 25 June - 30 July 2022

Behind the Barricades
Rare original posters from the May '68 Paris Uprising

Exhibition dates: 25 June - 30 July 2022

Stuart Bailey
Luxury of Detachment Series

Exhibition dates: 25 June - 30 July 2022

Kalanjay Dhir • Alexandra Jonscher • Nadia Odlum • Warden
Curated by Andrew Christie
Coming to terms with our preoccupation with online spaces, these artists assess how we construct, alter and share our sense of identity. With a focus on materials and process they unsettle the distinctions between the tangible and the digital.

Responding to the triumphs and pitfalls of the ever-increasing flow of technology the concept of ‘flow’ recurs in each work, whether relating to the flow of traffic, nature or information, they provide a highly considered and often humourous take on the changing nature of our interconnected bodies navigating digital spaces.

E-book and E-catalogue now available

Exhibition dates: From 6 August

Un Earth

My perception of time has changed with age. Recollections, projections, and the slippery sense of now interacting in a more fluid way. —Brett McMahon
Exhibition dates: 17 September – 2 November

New works
Intimate gouaches by the celebrated Dutch-Australian abstract expressionist
Exhibition dates: 17 September – 2 November

Make it New

Paintings and Poles from Yirrkala N.E. Arnhem Land

“...unless you put the knowledge you hold into a living mind it will die with you.

The designs in these paintings are each a cryptic code that holds the text of hundreds of songs particular to that place and clan in the context of a state of water. A literate person will read that design and sing for hours without repetition. A second person with the ability to read will sing those exact same words. You can record that epic song poetry and transcribe it into Yolŋu matha writing. You could even attempt to find English concepts to match and translate that text to English. Then it would have the weight of a book and we could accept it as knowledge.”

Will Stubbs
Buku-Larrnggay Mulka Centre

Exhibition dates: 9 November - 17 December 2022