Artists of the Gallery
Works from the Gallery Stable
Paintings, photography, bark paintings, drawings
Cathy Blanchflower, Maurice Cockrill, Murray Fredericks, Gunybi Ganambarr, Geoffrey de Groen, Galuma Maymuru, Djambawa Marawili, Michael Weston

John Mawurndjul and John Bulunbulun
New Work
Bark Paintings and Ceremonial Poles
To be opened in the presence of John Mawurndjul Thursday April 16

Geoffrey de Groen - The Space of the Secret
New Drawings

'Drawing: I don't know why I draw and I hope I never know, but I am interested in the Space of the Secret.'
Exhibition dates: June 3 - 27 June

Adrian McDonald and Elwira Titan
New Works
wall paintings, digital prints, paintings
Exhibition dates: 3 June - 27 June

Exquisite Mutations
Works from six emerging artists
video, paintings, prints, sculpture, jewellery
Amanat Grewal, Esther Neate, Clare Nicholson, Kamila Shepherd, Sara Sohrabian, Nicola Walkerden
Curated by Mitchell Cross
Exhibition dates: 1 July - 1 August

Karam Hussein
Annandale Galleries Project Space show #1
interactive kinetic sculpture
Annandale Galleries is pleased to present it's new downstairs Project Space - showcasing a small selection of works from unrepresented artists in short exhibitions while our major shows continue upstairs. The first artist on display will be Karam Hussein with his playful interactive kinetic sculptures
Exhibition dates: 1 July - 21 July

Sally Mayman
Annandale Galleries Project Space show #2
Portrait Photography
Continuing with our series of small exhibitions from unrepresented artists, Annandale Galleries Project Space presents the sensitive portrait photography of Sydney artist Sally Mayman.
Sally's work explores liminal states with a series of images of adolescent surfers on the cusp of manhood.
Exhibition dates: 21 July - 8 August

Malaluba Gumana and Djirrirra Wunungmurra
New Work
Bark Paintings and Ceremonial Poles
Exhibition dates: 5 August - 12 September

Shiling Wu
Throwing Notes
Ceramic Orchestra
The third show in Annandale Galleries' downstairs project space, Shiling Wu's 'Throwing Notes' is an installation comprising a musical instrument constructed of ceramic vessels with an accompanying video
Exhibition dates: Agust 11-22

Michael Guthrie
Film and Photography
The next show in Annandale Galleries' Project Space will my Michael Guthrie's elegiac film and photography installation 'Wistfulness'
Exhibition dates: August 25 - September 5

Susanna Strati
Wreath #1
Object Installation with Video
Susanna Strati is an Object & Installation artist whose work explores expressions of personal identity through a vocabulary of grief and mourning. Strati's work takes on a commemorative or memorial format to memorialise lost traditions. Her art practice is increasingly concerned with recognising ways objects combined with gestures can function to fill the empty spaces left by the disappearance of traditional Southern Italian mourning practices. Many of her installation-performances have developed from researching Catholic ritual, in combination with funereal and devotional objects.
Exhibition dates: September 8 - October 10

Sydney Contemporary Art Fair
Stand D14
Annandale Galleries at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair
Visit us at Stand D14 at Sydney Contemporary Art Fair, Carriageworks, Redfern. September 10-13.
We will be displaying new works from Garawan Wanambi and Gunybi Ganambarr, as well as new unseen works from the 'Salt' series by Murray Fredericks, prints and drawings from William Kentridge, sculptural wall pieces from Tony Twigg and paintings and prints from Sydney artist Elwira Titan.
Exhibition dates: September 10-13

Bruce Searle Kim Spooner
100's & 1000's
New work by Bruce Searle and Kim Spooner
Exhibition dates: 1 - 31 October 2015

Shimmer and Pool
Paintings from Six Artists
John Bartlett, Cathy Blanchflower, Maurice Cockrill, Charles Cooper, Helen Smith, Tony Twigg
Exhibition dates: 1 - 31 October 2015

Project Space - Ricky Emmerton
Urban Bark Painting
Paintings on Found Cardboard
Exhibition dates: 17 October - 7 November

Lundumirringu - Friends
Celebrating 20 Years
In Association with Buku Larrnggay Mulka
Exhibition dates: 3 November - 5 December

Post-Human Dwelling
Photographic Installation
Andrew Gorman-Murray, 2015

This collection of work delves into processes of housing, homemaking and dwelling that lie beyond human control. The centrepiece of Post-Human Dwelling is an eponymous multi-panel work that explores the spatial and architectural conditions that prevail when houses outlive their human usefulness. These are post-human dwelling places: where nature reclaims housing, where material traces of human activity also reveal the limits of human agency. In human terms, this is decay; in post-human terms, this is the vitality of matter and nature.

Exhibition dates: November 10 - December 5