Father & Son

This exhibition - Gumana - Father and Son - is an opportunity to see the art passed between the generations in perhaps the longest continuous pedigree of Aboriginal art provenance in Australia.

Gawirrin learned about his art from his Father Birrikji #1 Gumana. Birrikthi was one of the artists, assisted by his son Gawirrin, to work on the masterpiece Yirritja church panel in 1962-3.

Waturr Gumana in turn has learned much from his father Gawirrin, who was awarded the prestigious overall Telstra award for Aboriginal art in 2002 and is one of the most revered artists in Australia.

Waturr's interest has been towards assuming ceremonial authority and this is reflected in the precision of his paintings and his innovative style of sculpture which employs daring negative space.


Father & Son
bark paintings, sculptures & ceremonial poles
17 March - 17 April 2004

Exhibition features:

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