Meet-the-Artists 9 March 1-3pm

Jenny Van Ratingen presents us with Little Glimpses / Fleeting Moments, featuring works immersed in the complexities of intergenerational conflicts and the invisible labour found within the home. Rendered on painted jelutong panels, incised beams and ceramic vessels,  Van Ratingen reveals the significance and intimacy behind quotidian scenes and phrases from her Chinese-Australian heritage and Southeast Asian upbrining. Peeling fruit, bathroom haircuts and quiet apologies are given new and monumental focus through layered imagery, carved dialogue and precarious architectural arrangements.
Van Ratingen graduated from Sydney College of the Arts, Univeristy of Sydney in 2023
Sam Strong exploring the enigmatic intricacies of the human eyes, Strong is absorbed by their profound ability to disclose the depth of our emotions in a way that is uneasy and surreal. Her indistinct, shadowy figures look outward with flirtation, resignation,  and condemnation – some directly back at us, while others cast their gaze away.  These evocative works touch on the mystique the eyes possess, examining how presence and absence interact with one another, influenced significantly by the Freudian concept of the ‘unheimlich’ (uncanny), Strong’s figures are equal parts unnerving and inviting.
Strong graduated from National Art School Sydney in 2023.
Fiona Currey-Billyard
channels nature and personal memory, taking us on an intimate journey through abstracted oceans of Australia and Papua New Guinea. She uses various carbons, paints and shellacs to produce nuanced surfaces and evocative textures, embedded with nails and staples that act as markings for both ocean currents and layered memories of her past. Currey-Billyard has recently taken a position as arist-in-residence at Cite Internationale des Arts Paris, with a forthcoming residency at the Bundanon artist complex.

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Meet-the-Artists 9 March 1-3pm
Jenny van Ratingen | Sam Strong | Fiona Currey-Billyard
Newcomers at Annandale Galleries: Jenny van Ratingen, Sam Strong and Fiona Currey-Billyard
28 February - 23 March
Exhibition features:

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