High Times
Original rock and roll posters from the 1960s

Bringing together private collection works from across the country, High Times contains rare and sought after concert posters from the era of promoters Bill Graham and Family Dog, with the iconic psychedelic imagery of Stanely Mouse, Alton Kelley, Rick Griffin, Wes Wilson and Lee Conklin. These are joined by work by Martin Sharp and touring posters of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and The Sex Pistols which are now synonymous with the era.

Beyond sex drugs and rock and roll, these symbols of grassroots, democratized production and free expression are representative of a significant shift in American culture. The lasting impression is one of a country fighting for civil liberties, the end of the Vietnam war, ultimately resulting in a loss of innocence. The ideals expressed in these images marked the beginning or a more self-aware America and where power was being placed on individual and group action - something that is sobering when thinking about today’s reliance on digital media and armchair activism.

Many of the works in this exhibition come from the Private Collection of Stephen Measday, and Annandale Galleries would like to express our sincere appreciation.


High Times
Original rock and roll posters from the 1960s
Also showing
Works from Annandale artists and the Private Collection of Bill and Anne Gregory

Gunybi Ganambarr
Ben Vautier
Robert Motherwell
Megan Evans
Giles Ryder
Zadok Ben-David
Patrick Caulfield
Andy Warhol
Marx Vaux
24 May–17 June
Exhibition features:

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