New paintings

From the 27th of September until the 30th of October, Annandale Galleries is proud to present an exhibition of the work of leading contemporary Australian artist, John Mawurndjul.
Mawurndjul has received global recognition for his work and is without doubt one of the most pre-eminent Aboriginal artists working today. Far from settling into a simple signature style his painting has consistently evolved, showing an immense degree of innovation. His work was recognised as a landmark in contemporary painting, when in 2003 he became the first Aboriginal artist to win the prestigious Clemenger Contemporary Art Prize at the National Gallery of Victoria.

In his third solo show at Annandale Galleries since 1997, Mawurndjal presents paintings related to his country that he calls ?Mardayin?, as they relate to Mardayn body painting designs. However his execution of such themes has taken on an almost abstract expression in the western sense of the term.  While the sacred stories and law are still depicted within, his work has clearly progressed from his first show at the Galleries in 1997, where his work consisted more of figurative images depicting crocodiles, rainbow serpents and dilly bags.
A constant that runs through all of his work however, that is continued in this 2004 show, is perhaps Mawurndjal?s greatest talent; his ability to express a spiritual resonance within his painting.


New paintings
bark paintings & ceremonial poles
from Maningrida, Arnhem Land
Also featuring new work by Bob Burruwull & Lena Yarinkura
27 September - 30 October 2004

Exhibition features:

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