Small Pearls from Yirrkala

featuring small works on bark by Djambawa Marawilli ? Galuma Maymaru ? Boliny Wanambi ? Gulumbu Yunupingu ? Rerrkirrwanga Munungurr & more

Annandale Galleries are pleased to announce this extraordinary exhibition of exquisite small bark paintings from Yirrkala NT as part of our last presentation for 2010. Artists include most of the finest artists from this region including; Djambawa Marawili, Galuma Maymuru, Boliny Wanambi, Gulumbu Yunipingu, Rerrkirrwanga Mununggurr and many others.

While visiting Yirrkalla in early May 2010, Annandale Galleries director Bill Gregory had the good fortune in that his visit and stay at the mission house behind the arts centre coincided with a visit by Howard Morphy who was also staying in the house. Professor Morphy is arguably the most knowledgeable ?balanda? or white man in Australia on the art and artists of this region. He has been close friends with senior elder Djambawa Marawili for over thirty years and knows many of the other artists well. Due to the trust and high esteem in which the Aboriginal people relate to Professor Morphy he is privy to insights from the artists rarely offered, if at all, to others. His book ?Aboriginal Art? is required reading for anyone interested in Aboriginal art in general and the art of NE Arnhemland in particular. He has also contributed a number of essays to Annandale Gallery catalogues over the years.

When Bill Gregory broached the possibility of a ?small works? show for later in the year, Howard offered his services with gusto and enthusiasm. The aim was to find the very best work available as well as to present a cross section of the talent, both established and emerging, in Yirrkala. A couple of days were spent scouring the arts centre, setting the works up in groups and looking to produce a memorable exhibition. The central criterion was of course simply quality but within that range Morphy and Gregory were also looking for works with important stories, classic styles as well as innovation both from an aesthetic and a cultural viewpoint.

The result is an exhibition of extraordinary works that due to their size are also very affordable. Do not miss this opportunity to see this collection of ?Small Pearls?.


Small Pearls from Yirrkala
from Yirrkala NT
12 Oct - 11 Dec 2010

Exhibition features:

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