Paintings on Paper

Michael Weston is one of my favourite artists. In an essay I wrote about his work on the occasion of his last solo show at Annandale Galleries, I mentioned that since I began working with Michael back in 1983, I have never lived anywhere where there are not a number of his works on my walls ? often in prime spots such as the bedroom ? places where I have the opportunity to interact with and meditate on the work.

The changes in his painting may appear superficial from show to show as the subject matter remains the same ? landscapes, heads and sometimes still life or fish ? often painted in what appears at first to be in a similar vein. Deeper contemplation however reveals an artist who is in fact always on the move and doing something new ? not so much from a formal point of view but perhaps more as a reflection of the artist?s mental and emotional state at the time. A reflection of his life in short. To some degree all of the work are ?self-portraits? as was pointed out in a catalogue essay some years ago.

Weston is a painter?s painter ? he has been painting out of necessity for nearly fifty years and indeed began with paper tacked up beside his Father, the painter Reginald Weston, in the studio when he was a boy of ten years old. Some other artists may be more in vogue; fall in and out of fashion etc but Weston keeps on carrying on and producing work of extraordinary mindfulness and quality. He is not interested in innovation for it?s own sake. His quarry is more to make sense of life through his art and allows us to make progress in the same direction through his work.

The new installation of heads is in fact quite different to anything I have seen before. There is a mystery to these works that puts them more on the edge than is usual. A myriad of expressions and emotions stream from the faces and may change rapidly while viewing according to our mood. Some of the portraits and landscapes are almost expressionist in their nature and execution, sometimes dark and monochromatic and yet somehow serene when viewed intently. Weston?s work evokes for me the adage by Matisse that a successful artwork should be like a good armchair where the struggle by the artist to produce it is not evident in the final result.

Michael Weston was born to an Israeli mother in Palestine in 1943. He has lived and worked in Paris and Brittany since the 1950?s. An extensive solo exhibition career began in 1968 at Moos Gallery in Toronto Canada. Since then he has exhibited in Europe, particularly France, Finland and the UK, Canada and the USA. This is his fifth solo show at Annandale Galleries since 1987. His work hangs in numerous private collections in Australia.


Paintings on Paper
paintings & works on paper
paintings on paper, installation of heads and landscapes - from Paris
20 Apr - 29 May 2010

Exhibition features:

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