John Mawurndjul
Barks & Sculpture

JOHN MAWURNDJUL is one of the most respected artists in Australia. He is the first Australian artist of any colour in more than thirty years to have been accorded the honour of a full retrospective in a major European Museum when he exhibited at the Tinguely Museum in Basel (travelled to Hanover 2006) in 2005. His work is on permanent show at the prestigious Quai Branley Museum in Paris, the National Gallery and all State galleries collect his work ? usually in depth. Paintings also hang in major institutions like the British Museum and public and private collections in the UK, France, Germany, Switzerland, USA and Japan. He has won numerous prizes.

A Kuninjku clan artist, Mawurndjul?s country is nearby Maningrida in Arnhemland. He is the leader of what has become known as the ?RARRK? movement where the work has changed from the figurative origins of X-ray style and rock painting to an abstract rendition of country and ceremony.

JOHN MAWURNDJUL is a naturally innovative artist who is always on the move in his art, constantly experimenting with new ideas, forms and style that has seen him go through a number of distinct phases since he began painting in the early seventies. Over the last several years he has entered what I believe to be his ?mature? style. At first glance there is less difference looking from one painting to the next, although closer scrutiny brings up new things that quickly give the paintings individuality. They may be colourful but at the same time the form is minimal ? there is no jarring as the eye passes from one work to the next and the final experience is almost a meditation. In terms of continuity and focus this may well be the finest exhibition he has ever produced. This is not the young artist looking for an identity, but a mature master at the height of his powers. The quality and energy of execution, the surety of touch and the lingering mystery always present in his work make this exhibition something extraordinary, both for the aficionado or the newcomer to his work. I believe that paintings in this style will be the paintings for which he is most remembered by art history he is already part of.

This is the artist?s fifth solo show at Annandale Galleries since 1996.
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John Mawurndjul
Barks & Sculpture
20 May - 27 June 2009

Exhibition features:

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