Donald Sultan

Born in Asheville, North Carolina, Donald Sultan moved to New York in 1975.  Since his first one-man show in 1977, he has enjoyed a distinguished career as painter, printmaker, and sculptor.  His extensive body of work has placed him at the forefront of contemporary art, where he has become best known for his ability to successfully merge the best of yesterday’s artistic tradition with a fresh, unique approach to imagery and materials. Although his paintings fit into the criteria of still life, Sultan describes his works as, first and foremost, abstract.  His work incorporates basic geometric and organic forms with a formal purity that is both subtle and monumental.  His images are weighty, with equal emphasis on both negative and positive areas.  Sultan describes his work as “heavy structure, holding fragile meaning” with the ability to “turn you off and turn you on at the same time.”
His work is included in The Museum of Modern Art, the Dallas Museum of Art, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art.