Ensemble (Variation) Costume maquettes for The Nose
Drawing for the film Other Faces
Drawing for the film Other Faces
Rumours and Impossibilities
Entirely Not So
Scribe 1
Scribe 3
Bird II (Combination)
Coffee Pot (Combination)
Bird III (Combination)
Untitled (Ref. No. 1 / Coffee Pot I)
Untitled (Ref. No. 4 / Coffee Pot IV)
Untitled (Ref. No. 7 / Coffee Pot VII)
Untitled (Ref. No. 8 / Coffee Pot VIII)
Untitled (Ref. No. 9 / Coffee Pot IX)
Untitled (Ref. No. 10 / Coffee Pot X)
Untitled (Ref. No. 11 / Coffee Pot XI)
Untitled (Ref. No. 15 / Coffee Pot XV)
Untitled (Ref. No. 16 / Coffee Pot XVI)
Untitled (Ref. No. 24 / Bird I)
Untitled (Ref. No. 25 / Bird V)
Untitled (Ref. No. 37 / Tree VIII)
Untitled (Ref. No. 38 / Tree II)

William Kentridge

WILLIAM KENTRIDGE was born in Johannesburg in 1955 where he continues to live and work today. He studied politics and African studies at University of Witwatersrand and theatre in Paris. ...more

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