Hearts Cosmos Dance

Annandale Galleries is proud to present the first solo exhibition in Australia of the work of globally renowned sculptor and painter, Rotraut.

For more than forty years Rotraut has developed an artistic style that can be viewed as utterly her own. While her sculptures sheathed in pure colour bare the undoubted influence of her former husband and artistic companion Yves Klein, her work has moved on over time to incorporate issues related to her own feminine identity, while concerning itself with themes of experience and subconscious memory. Her content and technique is indebted to what can be seen as her most precious attribute, her imagination, a gift she has preserved throughout her life. Through this capacity to wonder and question, her forms are guided somewhat by unconscious thinking, creating an art whose pure colour and child-like decor, attains a status of being primitively simple.

The main focus of the exhibition will be sculpture, including a large piece over 5 metres in length and a number of smaller works. There will be one large galaxy painting, which is 7.5 metres wide, accompanied by a variety of smaller paintings.
Rotraut was born in 1938 in Rerick, northern Germany. Her artistic career began upon moving to Dusseldorf in the late 1950's. Today Rotraut lives and works in Arizona, Paris and Sydney.


Hearts Cosmos Dance
2 November - 4 December 2004

Exhibition features:

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