David Altman

DAVID ALTMAN has been involved in the field of architecture as well as art for 40 years. Originally from Israel he has worked as an architect principally in social areas including designing for education, immigrant housing, for the disadvantaged and affordable housing in Wellington, New Zealand; London, England; Tel Aviv, Israel and Sydney.

He has exhibited his paintings in London, at the Seasons Gallery in North Sydney and Gallery 307 in Northbridge. He was also commissioned to design and create a series of 30 paintings for a computer software office in Sydney in 1987.

DAVID ALTMAN’S philosophy in art is to create a setting for the viewer to relax: imagine drift, enjoy and to contribute towards a positive peaceful loving world
He has produced art in different media, including pastels, oils, acrylics and photography. The work echoes David’s passion for Aboriginal art, a passion shared by his brother Professor Jon Altman – an academic and aficionado of the Aboriginal art from Maningrida – in particular John Mawurndjul.

Matisse once likened some of his paintings to sitting back in a favourite armchair. A space for stimulation but also a place to relax and contemplate. In the end, DAVID ALTMAN’S work is very personal, but the pleasure one may derive from his work bring the Matisse observations from over a 100 years ago into sharper relief – especially when the spirituality of Aboriginal art is also brought into play.